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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Spotflux 2.9.11 Free Download Latest Version For Windows, MAC OS, Apple IOs, Android 
If your desired website is blocked by your internet service provider in your country and you are looking for a way to unblock your desired website and unblocking should be free then Spotflux is designed for you . Spotflux is a freeware VPN (virtual private network) software to unblock any blocked website for free , yeah free , It is so much easy to use VPN software , just download , install it and it is as well very easy to install and after installation you will find "Enable" and "Disable" based user interface . As well as after pressing "Enable" button instantly your IP address gets changed . But you get only one single IP address .  

Spotflux 2.9.11 Free Download Latest Version For Windows, MAC OS, Apple IOs, Android

Every human being loves his/her privacy , it is actually in our nature . But it becomes so much difficult if you are an internet user . No body like that anybody trace his/her internet activities even internet service provider too . There are lots of VPN and privacy protector softwares available in the market but most of these kind of softwares are paid . But Spotflux is a freeware software to do so , it protect your privacy by changing your real IP address . 

Key features of Spotflux 

Security is just a click away. Once you've installed Spotflux, you'll never notice it again if you don't want to. Let us take care of the headaches.

At home, traveling, or on a public WiFi – Spotflux encrypts and secures your connection, and protects your privacy while browsing

Spotflux continuously scans and protects your connection from inbound threats, such as malware and viruses. So YOU can take control of the internet.

Cookies are great, but imagine them becoming invasive, taking over your kitchen or asking you where you've spent the night. Cookies just feel better in your belly.

Experience clean, ad-free browsing without tracking or targeted advertisements. By saving bandwidth and hiding your IP-address, your location stays private.


Spotflux is a free VPN software and can be used for Windows , Mac and the best thing is that you can also use it on your multimedia cell phone and it is available for IOs and most popular android .

You can download Spotflux for free through these below links .

Windows     MAC OS     Apple IOs     Android


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