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Friday, 26 December 2014

ICQ is a very popular Instant Messenger . It is one of the most used instant messenger . Using ICQ , it has several advantages . You can enjoy free chat with your friends , family members and colleagues . ICQ is a perfect choice for all those who loves video and audio chatting . ICQ provides free of cost video and audio chatting with fabulous quality .
Facebook and other social networking websites are very popular trend these days . ICQ has a special feature for you love with Facebook or any other messenger and social networking website . ICQ can

be connected with  Facebook, Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte, and to messengers like Google Talk, Mail.Ru Agent and others . After connecting your accounts to ICQ , contacts from the social network or messenger will appear in your ICQ contact list .
ICQ also has another very useful feature . With the help of its Email Notifications feature , You can connect an email account like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Mail.Ru to ICQ and get notification whenever new email arrives in the inbox .
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ICQ is a freeware messenger to audio and video chatting or calling and recently has been released its new and improved version , ICQ 8.2.7317

Click here to download ICQ 8.2.7317 for Windows .

Click here to download ICQ 8.2.7317 for Mac Intel .

Click here to download ICQ 8.2.7317 for Mac PPC .


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