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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

IObit Start Menu 8 v1.3.0 Free Download Latest Version
There is no doubt that recently released Windows 8 is a masterpiece of art . Its loading and boating speed just awesome , If you are an XP or Windows Vista user and want to migrate to Windows 8 then you will feel a clear difference between XP or Vista and Windows 8 in matter of loading speed after installation . But having great features and abilities there is a huge list of PC users don't like it , Yeah! you got it , Its start menu is a little bit complicated , A XP , Vista and Windows 7 accustomed user automatically moves mouse cursor to the left side of desktop wherever wants to shut down , search any thing etc but does not find start menu . Windows 8 start menu is alot differ than Windows previous version .

 IObit StartMenu8 v1.2.1 Free Download Latest Version
If you are not satisfied with Windows 8 start menu then I would like to suggest you that don't uninstall Windows 8 , There are many ways available , you can get back the old style of Windows start menu in Windows 8 . IObit StartMenu8 is a very useful software to get back traditional style of Windows start menu in Windows 8 . 
It is very easy to use , You just have to install IObit StartMenu8 and rest of job will do it for you . IObit StartMenu8 bypass Metro screen on start of Windows 8 and it directly boot to desktop . And the good thing is that whenever you want you can easily Switch between Metro and Desktop Interface by pressing and holding the Windows key . You can easily get access to your desired file or programs . You can easily shut down your PC . And it does not slow down PC speed and performance at all . We can say that IObit StartMenu8 is a perfect start menu replacement for Windows 8 .
 IObit StartMenu8 is a totally freeware software , you can download it for free . iobit.com recently has released its new and updated version , you can download its latest version from below listed link . 
Click here to download IObit Start Menu 8 v1.3.0


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