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Saturday, 27 September 2014

You have 3.5 GHZ latest processor and 4 GB Ram but sometimes it might be just nothing because many of desktop PC and laptop users have to face slow speed and performance problem despite of having all these high system resources . Have you ever observed ? When you install new Windows or perform a clean installation . Initially after clean installation your PC or laptop works very well and performs its best . But after a few days , you start to face slow performance and speed and as well as get lots of system errors . Well many of PC and laptop users finds performing again clean installation is only a solution , even I have seen many of friends who perform a clean installation in a week .

CCleaner 4.09.4471 Free Download For Windows

Being a software savvy and an experienced computer user , I never suggest anybody clean installation method to speed up PC and laptop . Sometimes it makes you suffer , actually installing all needed softwares or programs and settings , it takes lots of precious time .
Though it has several reasons but registry errors , old PC and browser's history etc are the main reasons to slow down PC or laptop performance and speed . that's why registry cleaner softwares are a hot selling brand after antivirus softwares .
Well I would like to suggest you a freeware PC optimization and registry cleaner software , it is Ccleaner. It repairs wisely registry errors and as well as completely removes unnecessary and invalid registry entries and improve your PC's performance . You will feel a clear difference after using it .
You also can protect your offline and online privacy , it removes Windows - Recycle Bin, Recent Documents, Temporary files and Log files your browser's cookies , history , searching , browsing and downloading history . And the best thing is that by doing so you also can speed up your PC , browser and internet . It supports almost every most used and popular web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox , chrome , opera and Microsoft internet explorer . And it is a 100 % spyware free and it does not demand you to change your homepage and default search engine at all .


Ccleaner is a versatile PC optimization and free registry cleaner software , you can get benefited on both Windows and Mac OS operating systems ,

Recently Piriform.com has released its latest version , CCleaner 4.18.4844

Click here to download CCleaner 4.18.4844 for Windows


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