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Friday, 20 December 2013

Having a website is now have become crucial for every professional person and as for a company or organization , it is as important as logo or trademark . As well as these days it is becoming a popular trend that a common man likes to have a website/blog . 
But designing a website not an easy job and you have to hire a web designer to design your website according to your requirements by spending some bucks . If your financial condition does not allow to hire someone then there is another option is available that you can utilize to design your website , You can pick a web design software to design your website . There are tons of this kind of softwares available in the market both free and paid .

CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor 10.0 Free Download Offline Installer

CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor is one of  best web design softwares . CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor is an easy to use user friendly wysiwyg html editor . CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor comes with built-in tools through which you can easily and without having web designing knowledge add backgrounds, design tables, style text, insert images, and more .
Its HTML Editor is very easy to understand and use . HTML Editor is based on drag and drop feature and you can see a live preview about what's going on in HTML5 and CSS3 coding .
There are many elegant designs/themes available and you can with a few clicks build a professional looking website in minutes .
As well as Coffeecup.com offers hosting service to host your website with affordable  packages . And the best thing is that they also offer a freebie hosting package through which you can host your website for free .

More at here .


Though you can use CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor for free but there is also a premium/advanced version which have advanced features like CSS Menu Designer, Image Mapper, Website Color Schemer, and a must have tool to upload a website , FTP uploader . But it does not at all mean that its freeware version is worthless .

Windows: 8, 7, Vista OSX users can use CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor . Recently has released its new and improved version , CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor 10.0

Click here to download CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor 10.0 .


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