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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Though our PC is an appropriate place to save our private or important data but on the other hand it would not be wrong to say that our PC's hard drive is a very unpredictable thing and hard drive may be get corrupted any time and you loss all important data , if don't lose then may be damaged . Therefore backing up data is very important . 
But often many of us neglect backing up badly . Don't backing up , Tough it has many reasons but there two vital reasons , 1- backing up process is slightly difficult to do and 2- Many of PC users can't afford a paid backing up software's price .

 Comodo BackUp   Free Download

If you don't back up your data because of previously described reasons then Comodo Backup has been developed for you . It is easy to use and totally free backing up software and the best advantage of using it is that it can be used for both commercial and personal purposes .
Comodo Backup has an easy to use and user friendly interface and both novice and experienced users can easily can backup your important and critical data . You can run and restore their first backup job in a matter of minutes without extraordinary computing knowledge . 
Though it is a free backing up software but Comodo Backup is equipped with backing up features which you get in a paid backing up software like full scheduling, password protection, a backup integrity checker and a range of preset backup jobs that allow you to quickly create copies of important data sets such as the Windows Registry, mail accounts and user settings.

Key features

Quick backup of entire drives or individual files or folders to your local computer, network drive,  FTP server or Comodo's online server
Step by step wizards to guide even novice users through the entire backup, restore and scheduling procedures
Flexible storage options allow you to specify full, incremental or differential backups
Protection of invaluable personal and business data from loss or corruption
Quick recovery of files with a few clicks of the mouse
Granular scheduling options to take automatic backups at a time that suits you
Real-time backups synchronization feature to get your files copied over as soon as you save them
Built in checker to confirm the integrity of your backup files before committing to a restore
Backup presets including mail folders, windows registry, messenger archives and master boot records
Powerful encryption options to protect your files so that it cannot be accessed by anyone but you
Online Storage facility to store your backup files in highly secured online storage space, which can be also be mounted as a virtual drive in your system
Command line and scripting support to automate the online backup and restore operation

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Comodo Backup is a free backing up software and you can use it with XP/Vista/7 and 8 . Recently has been released its new and improved version , COMODO Backup

Click here to download  COMODO Backup for free .

 New added features

New backup formats - CB can now create ZIP and ISO archives;
New backup methods - You can backup locked files using Volume Shadow Copy or using raw read (direct read).


Online backup got better - It supports all type of backups including .cbu, .zip, .iso, sync and simple copy;
Scripting got better - It has support for global variables such as %TEMP%, %USERPROFILE% and for all new features in CB;
Better speed - Since last public release we improved our cbu backup speed with 30%.

Innovation & technology

Smart synchronization - Minimize bandwidth using block level synchronization;
Incremental and differential backups - Minimize storage space using block-level incremental backups;
Versioning capabilities - You can store multiple incremental and differential backups in the same .cbu file.


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