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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Each internet connection has a unique IP address through which search engines and websites keep your traces . In other words , Your online privacy and your IP address are connected to each other .And as well as Your IP may be helpful hackers and cyber criminal to hack you and identity theft . 
You would have noticed that when a website/forum bans you due to any reason then you can't anymore create new account and even sometimes you are not able to visit the website/forum . In fact you are not banned , your IP address is banned . If you change your IP then again you become able to create a new account . 

Surf Anonymous Free Free Download

If you often do shop online using your credit card and social security number . There are criminal minded people exist that try to trace you and sniff your credit card information and your social security number while online shopping . And one of the worst security risks is that even sometimes your identity faces jeopardy situation .
If you are one who love with secrecy and privacy and your question is that how to change IP address ? The answer is very simple and easy to use . Use a free and advanced and reliable software named Surf Anonymous to ensure that your sessions and all online activities (searching , browsing and downloading) are secure and private . With the help of Surf Anonymous's user friendly and easy to use interface , You can easily change IP address . You can change/hide your real IP into a new IP address .
Its powerful anonymous proxy servers help to keep your Internet activities safe and private and you are hardly traced or monitored by hackers when browsing websites. Therefore, all your online activities can be protected against others' prying .
Surf Anonymous Free can protect your wireless Internet surfing by establishing a secure tunnel, which could encrypt all your browser traffic so it can not be intercepted and read.

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You are able to use Surf Anonymous Free in Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7 and 8 and it supports nearly all famous and most used web browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Maxthon, MyIE browsers, Opera, etc. Recently has been released its new and improved version , Surf Anonymous Free

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