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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

FrostWire is an all in one useful piece of software . It is a free download manager to download your favorite content from the internet . It has a very easy to use interface and its user friendly interface , you can easily download all types of files like photos, audios and videos , text and other documents and whatever you want . Frost Wire has also a useful feature which lets you share your collection (image , audio , video , text and other documents ) with millions of people right from your desktop PC or laptop without having to pay a single penny . thanks to the BitTorrent P2P network

FrostWire 5.7.0 For Windows Free Download

If you have fond of downloading torrent files then you don't need to install extra software for downloading torrents . Because FrostWire can be used as a torrent Downloader to download your desired torrents .

Some highlights of FrostWire

You can FrostWire to send large files and even folders .
It also has Wi-Fi sharing feature for Microsoft  Windows Mac and Android .
FrostWire will give you full featured BitTorrent support
FrostWire is compatible witt Kindle Fire HD and  iTunes
FrostWire supports Magnet Link   
FrostWire is fully SoundCloud compatible
You will get a built in audio player and video player in FrostWire
Frostwire.com claims it is 100% free Spyware and Adware .

More at here .


This free download manager and torrent downloader is completely free and open source and can be used for free forever . FrostWire is designed for Microsoft Windows , MAC and Android users . Recently has been released its new and improved version , FrostWire 5.7.6

Click here (skip ad)to download FrostWire 5.7.6 for Windows
Click here (skip ad)to download FrostWire 5.7.1 for MAC
Click here (skip ad)to download FrostWire 5.7.1 for Linux


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