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Friday, 3 January 2014

Having a website , Now has become a crucial necessity for every business , products and even for a common professional guy . Building a website is not as easy as visiting a website . Beside other things like content and promotion , First you will have to learn HTML, css, javascript language that is definitely not possible for everyone .
There are tons of the wysiwyg html editor both free and paid available on the internet that you use to give a stylish look to your future website . If your requirements are not extraordinary , You can choose PageShop by PageShop.cc . PageShop is a free wysiwyg html editor/website builder .

PageShop 1.1 Free Download Offline Installer

PageShop has an extremely easy to use interface and you can build a good looking website using its WYSIWYG technology (What You See Is What You Get) drag&drop layout engine and in-place widget edit function and many built-in powerful widgets .
This free web design software also uses unique widgets called ''PageShop widgets'' - objects made by small piece of reusable HTML & CSS code with customizable properties . You are fully able to insert it to any web page, drag and drop it, or as well as you can modify its property to change the looking .
For an example . You have chosen a template and now you want to transorm its navigation menu as per your requirements . You are able to add/change easily menu text and change navigation links and as well as you can also easily change the menu background color or image.
You also get lots of other useful features including Visual CSS support, in-place edit function, Drag & Drop layout engine etc.

More at here .


PageShop is a free web design software that is designed for Microsoft Windows users . Recently has been released its new and improved version , PageShop 1.1

Click here to download PageShop 1.1 for free , It's an offline installer .


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