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Friday, 31 January 2014

PrivaZer 2.15 Portable Free Download
PrivaZer is a freeware software to protect your PC and internet privacy . PrivaZer scans your whole PC and web browser to find out computer and Internet traces then you can easily and completely remove them .  It can remove/clean browser histories and cookies, the Windows registry and MRUs (Most Recently Used lists) and you can speed up your PC and web browser .
And the best function is that It also can scour hard drive's free space and MFT or FAT file system, Index.dat files, messaging data, Windows and USB histories, file indexing, memory, Hiberfil.sys and Pagefile.sys, jumplists, prefetch data etc .

PrivaZer 2.13 Free Download

Many people have a misconception that cannot be recovered a file after emptying recycle bin . There are numerous data recovery softwares exist in the market which recovered a file even if you have emptied your PC recycle bin . But don't worry , PrivaZer removes completely and no recovery possible with any data recovery software software . More at here


PrivaZer is a totally registry cleaner and privacy cleaner software and recently has been released its new and improved version , PrivaZer 2.15 .

Click here to download PrivaZer 2.15 portable for free .


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