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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Wiser parents always keep an eye upon their children's online activities . Why ? Because the internet is a very useful invention . Yeah! you are right . But on the other hand , as everything has two aspects . Same like this natural law , when it comes using the internet , even it has two aspects , bright and dark .

Besides useful websites , there are thousands of websites exist containing immoral and adult content and keeping away our kids from these types of website is mandatory , in other words , it's a matter of death and life .

FortiClient latest version

The question arises here , how to do so ? Use FortiClient , it is an easy to use and freeware software . Using its Parental control function , you can simply and effectively block any malicious , immoral , adult and explicit website .

You can command it to get a warning when in your absence , someone browses a certain category of the website . Alternatively , let it monitor activity on any given category .

FortiClient is not only parental control but it also comes packed with a comprehensive but free virus protection suite which gives us foolproof protection against viruses , malware and other threats . Its updated threat intelligence and definitions from Fortinet's FortiGuard Labs empowers to detect/eliminate Malware .

You also get an SSL and IPSec VPN FortiClient , Forticlient VPN enables you to easily , fully secure, remote access via IPSec or SSL protocols .

Overall , Parental control , Antivirus , Anti-Malware and VPN features make FortiClient worth using

More at here .


FortiClient is designed for Microsoft Windows and other operating systems . It can be used for free .

Recently has been released its new version , FortiClient
Click here to download FortiClient for Windows . (Skip the ad)


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