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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Torrent is a great way to download big files from the internet , It becomes more useful especially when your internet sucks and frequently gets disconnected and all your downloading sessions get ruined . There is no limit in Torrent , Even I have downloaded 9 GB big file. Just you need to get a Torrent file related your desired thing like software , video etc and need a Torrent client software .

uTorrent For Windows Free Download
uTorrent is an easy to use and totally freeware BitTorrent client and designed for Windows .It is a tiny BitTorrent client in size , its size is just 1 MB . And it does not create problems for your system's performance and speed . It uses 6MB of RAM memory and you can perform normal work without any kind of disturbance and uTorrent keeps continue his duty and continuously downloads your desired file .


Recently uTorrent.com has released a new version uTorrent

You can download this new version uTorrent from here for Windows , This is the latest version.Skip the ad .

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