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Friday, 2 January 2015

Many of our readers often ask us, How to update my computer and installed software at the right moment? As it helps Windows PC run faster and free of annoying errors and as well as it protects you from several security threats.

Yeah! you are right, We need lots of time and efforts to find out which installed software needs to be updated. Patch My PC has the ability to make all this easier and saves you time.

This freeware and useful piece of software for Microsoft Windows users comes packed with an easy to use and user friendly interface and it can can quickly check a Windows machine for outdated programs.

Patch My PC Latest Version Is Available To Download/Update

Patch My PC supports a huge list of third-party software and It would not be wrong to say that after installing it, We find nearly all most used and mainstream software Adobe Reader, Mozilla Firefox, Oracle Java, Apple Quicktime, iTunes, Microsoft Silverlight supported by it.

It scans your PC and it will show you outdated application in a Red sign and updated in Green sign. As well as, It has the ability to scan and install needed Windows updates with ease.

Additionally, It has a built-in software uninstaller through which multiple programs can be uninstalled at once in no time. In order to decrease Windows boot time, Startup manager comes handy to enable or disable startup programs without digging into complicated settings of Windows.

More at here .


Patchmypc.net offers it to use for free for both personal and commercial use and works seamlessly with all Windows versions. 

Patchmypc.net team has released a new version of Patch My PC, Patch My PC

Click here to download Patch My PC


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